Sunday, August 26, 2007

Making $1,000,000.00 In A Month

This may sound awful and egotistical of me, but I am going to make $1,000,000.00 in September for one reason and one reason only and that is this right here. I am not making it to give to anyone or thing, I am solely doing it to buy a Murcielago. I know the car is only $210,000.00, so why I am I going to earn a million? Well, because I have HUGE plans for all the sites I own and have a lot of work that's going to need done. I also am going to have 4 other top of the line sites built, so I will use the remaining money on digitalpoint probably. I am going to document how I made my million from start to finish. I have a pre-game game plan, that I will lay out for you today. memberships earn me about $7.00 a membership. I am going to be running about $600.00 a day in ads for this site and hope to get a conversion rate that equals about 100 a day. Hopefully, that will earn me about $20,300.00 from that.
Next I will be pushing Kanye West's "Can't Tell Me Nothing" mixtape, heavily on and on MySpace. I plan on moving a quick 2,000+ copies at $5.99 a piece so that will be a quick $12,000.00 off one CD I usually do that per month in other sales so that's $24,000.00
Next up I will be using this program on MySpace to earn $500.00 a day. The first day I used it I earned about $1,200.00 in 7 hours. I will spend no money on this (accept minimal monthly fee) and don't have to spend that much time on it to make pretty decent money. I will earn $14,500.00 in September off of this.
Fourth, I will be running various affiliate ads on various sites. I can not give the secret away to how I earn so much off of this.....yet. I will reveal some pretty easy things that you can do to earn decent money, after September. I will earn about $70,000.00 a month off of this as I usually do (about $100.00 an hour).
Finally, I am releasing an Ebook in the middle of the month that will explain step by step how to make money online (it's really for newbies). I have a contact on the book with a certain affiliate that guarantees me that he can sell 10,000 of these in a month's time. That will be about $250,000.00 when all is said and done.
I know that the total only equals $378,800.00 but I will be releasing the information on how I earned the other $621,200.00 in a progress report that I will release on this blog on the 29th. I am not going to guarantee that I am going to earn the full $1,000,000.00, that is just the goal. Hopefully I can at least make enough to buy my 2003 Lamborghini Murcielago.